Running or Standing?

What do we normally do when our world is turned upside down? Who do we question, God? In fact, the majority of us at some point or another during the tribulation we direct or indirect question God as to why those tumultuous moments. No one wants hard times, and if we had the chance; of which some do we get to run even though we would still not be able to escape. Luke tells us in Hebrews 12:8 that if we do not undergo hard times or discipline we cannot be his children; God’s children. We should not be too surprised when hard times come, I mean who isn’t, after all we are not all that different (1Pt4:12). When God wants to shake us up and call unto our attention he does so in many ways especially with tribulations and trials. Paul tells us that we should rejoice in trials, because they produce patience (Rom5:3-4). Hard moments come no matter what, and we cannot escape, but it is preferably that we stand.

Acts 8:1 On that day a great persecution broke out against the church in Jerusalem, and all except the apostles were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria.

Back in the times of the early church since a great growth out broke, many of the members we getting content and were not out reaching to neighboring communities. So, God allowed a critical persecution to erupt to the point that we noticed the death of Stephen and the rise of Paul the persecutor. The members of the church could not stand the persecution and so they fled preaching the gospel everywhere they went; except for the apostles. And, so I questioned why did the apostles not leave the city, were not they too persecuted? The apostles learned first hand not to run when they were persecuted for the cause of Christ. They saw when Jesus stood up face to face after healing a man who was invalid and laid near a pool to the religious and conquered (Jh5:16-18). The disciples also saw when the religious people confronted Jesus about he claiming that he was the bread of life and that they needed to eat it if they wanted to enter to the kingdom of God (Jh6:41-44). Jesus set an example of still standing after the persecution when he mentioned John the Baptist as a reed in the desert (Mat11:7-9). The promise that tribulation or hard times is secure (Jh16:33), but if we stand they will pass.