A Great thing for me

Good things come to them who wait, some say. And, for special days like this Mother’s Day, the idea of blessing people like moms is in the air. Doing a good thing is good, and most people are content with just good, but a great thing is much better. Sometimes exerting ourselves much more to blessing someone even greater is better then just doing a good thing. God set that example when he sent the very best of heaven to earth save humanity (Jhn3:16). In order for man to be saved back in the old testament a visit to the priest with some offering, and keeping about 600 and some laws would have given a person a chance to make it to heaven; it was a good plan but not a great plan. Many people had a really hard time keeping all the laws of the old testament. God decided to up his way to saving man and began to more frequently announce that a savior was on his way (Deut18:15); it was a great plan a prophet was coming. And, this prophet was not coming out of thin air, he was to be born from a virgin (Is7:14). Something great was about to happen to a young women, that helped her to become a great women and that is she gave birth to a great man.

Luke 1:49
49     for the Mighty One has done great things for me—
    holy is his name.

Something not just good happened to Mary, but great thing. Mary received the greatest news every women wants when she gets married, and that is that she was pregnant; she was going to be a mommy. The connection and bonding experience between Mary and Jesus was going to be one of the greatest experience both were going to have; like every mother and her child. A child is a great thing to have, it is a treasure and a reward from the Lord(ps127:3). Children are that great thing God does in every women. Jesus held children close to his heart in Mark 19:20 he told his disciples to allow the little children to come to him. The enemy and life has a way to steal the great thing God has done. As soon as children begin to taste life and be tempted with evil, they begin to slip out of our hands. This great thing that Mary was to experience was going to be that very thing that was going to pierce her heart (lk2:35). And, unlike today’s mothers whose great thing either is taken away or abandon, Mary kept hers till the very end. God chastise and heals with the same hand (Job5:16).

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